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Too Cool for School

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Well actually it's still crazy hot AND Atlanta kids start school this week.

I know! Nuts! I cannot believe that summer is over, for those sucker kids.  I still have lots of summer hours by the pool left.  One month to be exact. Anyways... for those of you getting ready to go back to school, already in school, or just like to be johnny on it. You gotta start off the year right with a bangin' manicure. Now what kind of bangin' manicure are we talking about? Well.. let's say you are entering the year as an upgraded goth.  

My personal love is Jin Soon Chamonix.  This textured black gives off a subtle leathery look that is chic and brooding. For colors such as black, keep nails short and well shaped to avoid nails looking like actual talons. 

Say you are starting college and going to rush a snotty sorority. Okay, not all sororities are snotty, but you have to look presentable. May I offer you this very neutral, yet girly soft pink, Pixie. You can practically see the greek letters formulating in your head can't you. Honestly I was THISCLOSE to rushing a sorority, but I found out their chapter met on the same night as Dawson's Creek and Felicity so obviously that wasn't going to work.  Cause you know #priorities

Maybe you are starting your first internship this year.  First impressions are last impressions.  Is what some people say who are into that kind stuff. This classic red is powerful enough to say, "Hey! I'm a hard worker and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and I'm a professional.  And I'll claw out your eyes if you cross me."

Or you're just like F-this. I want something fun and that will make me smile and start off the year thinking who care what people think!

This Cool Blue is exactly what you need.  A fun, bright, summery color that will kick you off into the new school year!

Till next time!


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