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Here is a quote from Kevin Kwan's China Rich Girlfriend.  The excerpt is from a socialite giving advice to a social climber.  This quote specifically refers to her nails.

"Discontinue the use of nail polish in red or any shades of red. (Yes, pink is a shade of red.) This is non negotiable—you must remember that we have the Herculean task of removing any connotations of talons, claws, or grasping hands from your person. If I could get you to wear white gloves or wrap your fingers in rosary beads all the time, I would. From now on, get used to nude nails or monochromatic tones of beige. For special occasions, Jin Soon’s “Nostalgia” is a shade of pink beige polish that I will allow."

I had a customer come in specifically ask about the Nostalgia polish after reading this passage.  Here is the polish in question.

This polish is known as "The Perfect Nude" from Allure Magazine.   Instyle Magazine listed this as the best polish for Olive skin tones. 

Wow- a lot of pressure right?  I'm not going to lie.  Nostalgia is high up there on perfect nudes.  It's a wedding/job interview color.  It's light, perfect, and non offensive in any way.  

If nudes are not your thing, check out Jin Soon's collection online. Each color is rich and gorgeous and you'll be sure to find the perfect color for any occasion.  

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